Happy New Year







Happy New Year From GHP Environmental + Architecture

Happy New Year!  As 2015 draws to a close we are optimistic about where our firm is heading and have exciting news to share. Dominique Arrieta has been named President and Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cummings has been named Chairman of the Board and Project Executive and Connie Richardson will continue her role as Chief Financial Officer.  GHP Environmental + Architecture Founders Ron Gobbell and Steve Hays will continue to guide the company as President Emeritus and Chairman Emeritus.

Over the last 38 years, we have been firmly committed to finding effective and efficient solutions for our clients’ architectural, environmental and forensic projects, and 2016 will be no exception. Whether it’s an extremely short timeframe, environmental or forensic issue, or designing complicated architectural solutions, we thrive on improving the built environment for our clients.

We are excited to have this leadership as we work with you and continuing our partnerships in 2016. See you next year!