Metro Nashville Airport Authority

Case Study Overview


In many ways, airports are gateways to our cities––welcoming everyone from locals to business travelers to vacationers to festival-goers. The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is no exception with a vision for growth that GHP has helped design and develop over the past 30 years. GHP’s involvement in recent and ongoing projects include design guidance for the airport hotel, expansion of security checkpoints, development of a concession program master plan and updating of the airport communications center all help to create a local airport whose facility and offerings are on an international scale.


In order to accommodate the daily influx of visitors to the Nashville airport, GHP worked with aviation officials to craft a master plan and schematic design for 280 guest rooms for the airport’s hotel, along with supporting meeting rooms and amenities. Navigating restrictions and guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration, GHP created a plan that integrated seamlessly into the airport’s overall development vision.

Additionally, GHP executed an expansion of the airport’s security checkpoints that was rolled out in stages to allow continued use of existing checkpoints and not hinder ongoing access. Working closely with both BNA and TSA authorities to fulfill all necessary requirements, GHP created four new checkpoint lanes and developed in a way that supplemented immediate needs while supporting future growth.

Further building out the airport’s capabilities, GHP worked with S.I. Partners to design and implement a master plan for a concessions program that defined the future of the airport’s concessions, increasing capacity in each concourse. As part of the first stage, the team designed the grand hall entrance to showcase concessions at its forefront while creating an open concept that is reminiscent of a bustling modern food hall in two of the more heavily trafficked concourses. Channeling Southern hospitality and contemporary dining expectations, GHP partnered in fashioning a grand vision that will build out Nashville’s airport concessions without detracting from seating or disrupting flow for busy travelers.

Tasked with building a state-of-the-art Airport Communications Center (ACC), GHP also worked with the Metro Nashville Airport Authority to create a facility that centralized all critical airport functions including airport operations, emergency operations, IT call center and maintenance control. Taking over the project from another firm, GHP created a design that provided an expanded space within an existing structure and satisfied both regulatory and operational needs. The 3,800 square foot center incorporated a variety of advanced mechanical, electrical and technological design needs, ranging from new DX rooftop unit to a fire alarm system extension to a video wall design. Utilizing GHP’s diverse team of experts, the project required an evaluation of existing conditions, along with IT, architectural, structural and MEP engineering design guidance and on-site support.


From hospitality to security to emergency communication, GHP has enjoyed being a partner in crafting the details that will become travelers first and last impressions of Nashville–– helping shape Music City into both a secure, cutting-edge destination and memorable pass-through point.

GHP Team