Building Forensics – Facilities across the U.S.

Case Study Overview


Our building forensics team is consistently challenged with getting to the bottom of a problem. Whether it’s a ground-up build, a building that is midway through construction or a historic structure, they usually have one thing in common – problems. Our team at GHP Environmental + Architecture works with owners, contractors, builders, etc. to find those problems quickly and solve them responsibly.


We work with our clients to fix building problems including water intrusions, moisture issues, structural problems and basically any other negative issue that a building can experience. Our process starts with a quick response and assessment for our client to determine the root of the problem and what should be done about it.

For example, we recently worked with a multi-family housing owner who had water intrusions that were causing severe issues for tenants. Our initial assessment showed the points where water was penetrating the building, and we were able to find the source. From there, we gave our recommendations on responsible repair including repairing internal studs with moisture damage.


To date, our team has been able to find and resolve all issues our clients have come to us with and we’ve worked to solve each of them as easily as possible. Finding problems with your building is always stressful, but we set an action plan to mitigate the stress and start solving the issue.

We also work to get our clients back up and running quickly so they can move forward with their business – or simply stay in business – while issues are being fixed. For example, if a hotel client is in need of a solution, we may stagger the construction to ensure hotel guests are not affected and rooms can remain open.