City of Lewisburg, TN

Case Study Overview


GHP has worked closely as the architect of record with the City of Lewisburg, Tenn. since 2014. They look to us when building issues arise and we serve as their strategic partner in keeping their town facilities up and running.

Lewisburg, TN


When the city turned to us for help with their town swimming pool and recreation center we knew we could help. The recreation center and pool was the town watering hole. It was where the town’s annual pageant was held and where the town gathered for major events throughout the year. At least that was the case until structural issues caused the town to close the facility.

We worked with the City of Lewisburg to assess and investigate the issues with the pool to restore it to its former glory.


In 2015, the City of Lewisburg was able to reopen their pool. Community life was restored and socializing resumed at the revitalized facility. The repair of the facility and pool allowed the city to reinstate their community activities that were previously put on hold.

Since restoring the pool, GHP has since helped the city with other structures in the town to keep it functioning and community services and activities moving forward, including the Stone Baggage Building, a historical building that saw significant tornado damage in the 1990’s.