Indoor Air Quality Surveys

Case Study Overview


When you’re an international hotel brand, the quality of each facility and guest experience within that facility is your utmost concern. Indoor air quality plays an important role in that experience and opinion of each guest.

At GHP Environmental + Architecture, we’ve partnered with one brand to take a proactive approach to assessing indoor air quality and implementing solutions to keep guests satisfied and buildings in top shape.


GHP Environmental + Architecture works with our client to assess between 60 – 70 buildings per year, taking into account everything from guest rooms, common spaces, facades, etc. We test and assess air quality issues ranging from musty smells to possible air filtration issues and provide a dashboard of our findings.

We take air quality assessments a step further by explaining to our client and their facilities managers the possible causes behind these air quality issues, whether it’s a roof leak, malfunctioning ice machine, insufficient insulation, etc.


To date, GHP Environmental + Architecture has completed more than 125 air quality assessments for our partner. In addition to simply completing each assessment, we have also provided those at the corporate level with a dashboard and overview of where their properties stand. With this information they can easily make decisions on which properties to improve or make changes to with the ultimate goal of improving every facility and increasing guest satisfaction.