Metro Nashville Judicial Campus Strategic Planning,

Case Study Overview


GHP Environmental + Architecture has been a strategic partner to Metro General Services for many years. In 2007, we began the strategic planning process for the Metro Nashville Judicial Campus.

What sounded like a simple project of determining which buildings were performing and which were not, transformed into a multi-year plan to ensure access and efficiency.

Including: Peterbilt Masterplan, Nashville Police Department Headquarters Masterplan, and Family Justice Center Masterplan
Nashville, TN


GHP Environmental + Architecture worked closely with Metro General Services to assess all judicial buildings to determine a plan that was logical and efficient with taxpayer dollars. We assessed every building to determine how they performed and what could be done to make them higher performers.

Once assessments were complete we looked at other metro-owned properties to decide which services might need to be moved. Our plans had to consider public access and bus stops among other things. This included developing Programs, Budgets and Schedules for evaluation and prompted the Peterbilt Master Plan, MNPD Police Headquarters Master Plan and Family Justice Center Master Plan.


Although planning for Metro buildings is an ongoing process, our initial efforts have resulted in more efficient buildings that are currently making better use of taxpayer dollars. Additionally, access to facilities throughout the city has increased by moving things as necessary out of downtown.

GHP Environmental + Architecture will continue to serve as a partner and work to help Metro ensure that its facilities are up to speed and as efficient as possible.