Metro Nashville Program Management

Case Study Overview


Some say it’s not how you start; it’s how you finish. We couldn’t disagree more. Our team specializes in empowering governments, organizations and businesses to streamline their design and construction processes through effective program management, so you can start right and finish ahead.


In our experience, poor planning leads to budget issues and delays. For many clients, what they need isn’t project management but program management. The difference? Rather than limited, one-time engagements, programs are composed of several underlying, interconnected projects––requiring a strategic masterplan that ensures projects build off each other for long-term success.

For example, partnering with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, GHP developed a strategic masterplan for Metro Nashville that prompted related plans for its Madison police precinct and DNA crime laboratory; West and Midtown Hills police precincts, family justice center, and new headquarters.

Gathering all key stakeholders around the table at the beginning of each planning process––from the end users, landowners, to community neighbors –– GHP was able to identify each party’s needs and prioritize those needs against maintenance and renovation requirements for each program. Facilitating community presentations, staff interviews and extensive building/site assessments, GHP used these voices to inform a series of cohesive plans. This method of planning ultimately allows taxpayer dollars to be maximized. In the case of Metro Government, it also allowed for a shared spaces between adjacent properties.

GHP outlined appropriate property options, created schematic floorplans, compiled accurate budgets, and provided realistic renderings and construction schedules. Each masterplan equipped Metro to streamline the city council’s approval process, effectively budgeting and therefore, avoiding costly re-evaluations.

The same proved true in programming for the repurposing of a former car dealership into a new precinct and a former shopping center into a new Emergency Communications Building, along with the repurposing of an abandoned mall into a community center, library and ice rink. Both plans required GHP to provide budgets and schedules that set the stage for smooth construction and year-on-year returns.


By investing in planning, clients like Metro Nashville have successfully transformed the way they build. They build smarter, they build faster, and they build for the future. GHP is proud to help them start strong and finish stronger.

GHP Team