Program Management for USP <797> Pharmacy Upgrades, HCA Hospitals, Facilities across the State of Florida

Case Study Overview


As is the case with many healthcare regulations, corporations are always working to keep up with government mandates. This is exactly what happened in Florida when a guideline from the federal government became a mandate for all laboratory facilities in 2004.

GHP Environmental + Architecture worked with HCA to ensure that its laboratories in the state were up to speed and employed our expertise and background in the labs and science fields to ensure compliance.


Initially GHP Environmental + Architecture was tasked with interpreting USP 797 and relaying that information to decision makers at HCA so they could determine the best next steps for their laboratories in Florida.

Once Florida made the guideline a mandate, the work for GHP Environmental + Architecture began. We worked in 10 South Florida hospitals to deliver turnkey compliance. This included creating a master schedule, timeframe and sequential process for changes after the initial pilot program.


GHP Environmental + Architecture was able to deliver 10 USP 797 compliant hospital laboratories on time and on budget in a two-year timeframe.

Throughout our ongoing relationship with HCA, we have served as an extension of their organization, making decisions and moving things forward as a partner would to ensure there are no roadblocks and the final product is delivered as expected.